GCH HOLLYWOOD - BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOWWS23640802. 9/13/2007. Breeder(s), Tina Johnson. By Ch Ben Stock Bruno Of The North East - Ch Be Shady Oak Roxanne. OWNER(S): Tina Johnson, Doug Plemel. (Dog) BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW CHALFS MISS BELOVED - BEST OF WINNERS AND BEST BRINDLEWS373870/01. 9/17/2010. Breeder(s), Grant Slater. By Nashbank Victorious - Eng Ch Chalfs Miss Macey. OWNER(S): Patricia V. O'Brein & Grant Slater GCH DESERT WINDS LONG ROAD TO RUIN - BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SPECIALTY SHOWWS30570001. 5/10/2009. Breeder(s), Doug Plemel & Laura Harsch. By Ch Bosco The Duke Of Twinoaks - Desert Winds Smudgealiciou. OWNER(S): Doug Plemel, Bob Bauer. (Bitch) BEST OPPOSITE IN SPECIALTY SHOW DESERT WINDS RAIN DANCE MAGGIE - BEST PUPPY FROM REGULAR PUPPY CLASSESWS38285301. 7/4/2011. Breeder(s), Doug Plemel. By GCh Hollywood - Ch Desert Winds Darlin Nikki. OWNER(S): Doug Plemel, Bob Bauer BEST PUPPY IN SPECIALTY SHOW RIDGETOP'N MARCONIAN EASY RIDER - BEST BRED BY EXHIBITORWS38321011. 6/20/2012. Breeder(s), Olga Whittall. By Ch Elias Von DC-13 - Ch Bullstock'N Garroways Nikita. OWNER(S): Olga Whittal CH VONHADDON STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE - BEST VETERAN IN SPECIALTYWS17284701. 3/31/2006. Breeder(s), Louis Pirlo & Robert Sparks. By Ch Vonhaddon's Rufus On Fire - Ch Vonhaddons Misty River. OWNER(S): Louis Pirlo & Robert Sparks. (Louis Pirlo, Agent) GCH RIDGETOP'S FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE - SELECT DOG & AWARD OF MERITWS34530503. 1/1/2012. Breeder(s), Olga Whittall. By Ch Lemabull Pass The Game To Antallis - Ch Bullstock'N Garroways Nikita. OWNER(S): Olga Whittal/Galina Dittman. (Dog) (Ron Mattson, Agent) WILD WEST'S PAINTED WARRIOR - WINNERS DOG AND AWARD OF MERITWS367286/03. 12/2/2010. Breeder(s), Tracy & Courtney Ferrick. By Ch. Balbuena's Maximum Guardian - Ch. Wildwest-N-Escalade's Oops I Did It Again. OWNER(S): Tracy Ferrick, Chris Halasz & Linda Tyri. (Courtney Ferrick, Agent) MYSTICAL'S DIGGING FOR YOUR DREAMS CGC - RESERVE WINNERS DOGWS33625103. 4/17/2010. Breeder(s), Debbie Abel. By Ch Bastion's Music In the glen RN - Ch Highlands Willow At Mystical. OWNER(S): Debbie Catterall, Pat McFarland, Debbie Abel ABBY ROAD'S QUIET RIOT - RESERVE WINNERS BITCHWS33720509. 3/5/2010. Breeder(s), Kathryn Nibley. By Ch Middlemarch's Back To The Future - Abbey Roads Mama Mia. OWNER(S): Kathryn Nibley WILD WEST'S HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER - AWARD OF MERITWS288546/10. 12/13/2008. Breeder(s), Tracy Ferrick & A. Ummernur. By Wild West's T-N-T Dynomite - Um Wild West Tequila Sunrise. OWNER(S): Lorraine & Michael Linder. (Courtney Ferrick, Agent) CH ESCALADES ALL TRICKED OUT - AWARD OF MERITWS17613407. 4/24/2006. Breeder(s), Pam Henson & Tracy Ferrick. By Berg's I'm A Boomer Too - Ch Wild West's Red Hot Chili Pepper. OWNER(S): Jamie Paleeck & Pam Henson. (Dog) CH BIG GAME'S ISLAND BOY - AWARD OF MERITWS24978707. 12/31/2007. Breeder(s), Jereme James. By Ch Rivers Edge Tauralan Traveler - Ch Showgirlz Stanzania Jones. OWNER(S): Ivy & Wendy Calvin. (Dog) judge
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