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Reserve your puppy now!

You may reserve choice of a puppy by placing a deposit in advance of the actual birth. Pre-birth deposits are refundable prior to birth or if the birth doesn't provide a puppy matching your qualifications. Deposits received on puppies after birth are non-refundable.

Puppies and owners are matched up according to the following process...

  1. Doug Plemel will review the litter multiple times after birth up through 8 weeks to identify puppies that are show quality and those that will be sold as pets.
  2. Applications and deposits for Show Quality animals are filled first in the order in which their deposits are received.
  3. Pet applications are then filled in order of the date that their deposits are received.
  4. While we will make every effort to post pictures of the puppies as they are developing, your choice of puppy cannot be assured and show puppies cannot be selected to fill pet applications.

Pre-Birth Deposit Contract Clauses...

  1. In the event that Seller cannot fulfill this contract for any reason, the full amount of the deposit is refundable to Purchaser within 45 days of contract termination.
  2. Purchaser may elect to cancel this contract at any time. If Purchaser should choose to cancel this contract ½ of the deposit amount, $250.00 is refundable to the Purchaser within 45 days of contract termination.
  3. Selection of the specific Dog to fulfill this contract is at the joint discretion of both the Purchaser and Seller.
  4. If Purchaser has contracted to purchase a "family Pet", the AKC Registration Application will not be signed or delivered to Purchaser until said Dog is spayed or neutered and formal notice of such is received from a registered Veterinarian.
  5. A Deposit in the amount of $500 is due and payable at time of contract execution.

A completed puppy application form is required to be considered.