Made in the USA

Adjusts Easily

Made of Steel

2 Quart $65.00
3 Quart $75.00
5 Quart $85.00

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EXPERTS AGREE: Puppies and dogs should be fed high off the floor. This helps strengthen pasterns; helps prevent protruding elbows and encourages the dog to stand up. At all stages, the dog should have to reach slightly to get the food.

Not only is feeding your dog in a standing position good for strengthening your dog's front assembly, but it's been determined that it can also be a preventative to BLOAT.

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Doug Plemel, P.O. Box 1149, Romoland, CA 92585.
Please include $20.00 for shipping and handling within the 48
contiguous states. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

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The Feed Tree Pet Feeding System Desert Winds Kennel The feed tree system is pet feeding station that can be adjusted in height as your pet grows from puppy to adulthood. It keeps the food and water up off the ground which is beneficial to your pets digestion and helps reduce mess. All steel construction and made in the US in three sizes.