We have just begun manufacturing Puppy Play Spaces to provide both play and enrichment for puppies and dogs.

Puppy play spaces provide endless hours of stimulation and enjoyment for puppies and young dogs alike. Hanging chains, toys and climbing bars can help desensitize puppies to being touched and afford a rich play environment when the puppy or dog is alone.

We offer two styles in two sizes each. Our Puppy Play House is the smaller style of our play frames. The 23" wide size is appropriate for 1-2 puppies whereas the 30" can accommodate 3-4 puppies.

Our Puppy Play Castle is the larger style play frame. The 50" wide size is appropriate for litters of 4-6 puppies. For larger litters or for larger breed litters/dogs try our "65" wide Play Castle.

Play frames are constructed of UV resistant, 1" furniture Grade PVC pipe and fittings, made in the USA and is 100% non-toxic. Our PVC contains no phthalates so it is safe to chew and does not off-gas harmful fumes. These pipes are made of solid color PVC not surface coated.

The Play House comes with 4 rings and hanging plastic chains (other toys and hanging packages sold separately). The Play Castle comes with 6 rings and hanging chains. Some assembly required - instructions are included.

We also offer a selection of other puppy toys to hang from play frames and hand-made paracord leashes and leads. Please visit our other website: www.puppyplayspaces.com for more information.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We also accept credit card phone orders at 909-772-8372. Ask for Doug Plemel or Bob Bauer.

Puppy Play HOUSE

23" Wide Play House  - $120
Buy Small Play House Now

30" Wide Play House  - $175
Buy Large Play House Now

Puppy Play CASTLE

50" Wide Play Castle  - $195
Buy Small Play Castle Now

65" Wide Play Castle  - $235
Buy Small Large Castle Now

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